Mobility Design

“Positive Singularity”

This is our motto.
It defines the products we aim to create with you and it embodies our way to support you.

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Brand Design

Building a rich and enduring brand

An inspiring brand taps into a multitude of social codes and visual references. At L'Agence Pigment, we capitalize on the intersection between the company's DNA and the subjective aspirations of its market.

Our expertise in branding and marketing ensures the development of a strong and memorable visual identity.

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Positive singularity

By creating a visual and narrative identity that resonates with the target audience, brand design establishes an emotional and profound connection, weaving a captivating story around each product. This approach evokes a sense of belonging and understanding, transforming every interaction into a memorable and meaningful experience.


Beyond mere aesthetics, our design aims to enrich every design feature with profound meaning, reflecting the unique values and history of the brand. We strive to create powerful symbols.

Our process involves a thorough understanding of the market, detecting subtle signals of emerging trends.

Through close collaboration with our clients, we succeed in crafting strong and impactful brand identities, enriching the consumer experience and elevating the brand perception to a higher level.

design de marque et branding
« People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it »


- Simon Sinek -

Brand Design for Mobility is at the core of our approach, a specific discipline aimed at creating rich and enduring brands.

We understand that a brand's identity is much more than just a logo or a colour palette.
It's a total experience that should resonate with the user's aesthetic imagination while being distinctly unique.

Our work steps

01. The introduction

We introduce ourselves and learn about your company and your project. A focused brainstorming session is organized to identify the key values of your identity. This step is crucial for establishing an effective brand strategy. We delve into the history of your brand, analyzing its strengths, challenges, and unique opportunities. This immersion allows us to fully grasp your vision and goals.

02. The scenario

We challenge your values against current societal and aesthetic trends. A benchmark is conducted to collaboratively define a strategic positioning. Our role as a graphic design agency is to guide you through these trends while preserving the uniqueness of your brand. We meticulously analyze the competitive landscape and changing consumer preferences to provide you with relevant insights. This approach allows us to identify opportunities for differentiation and innovation.

03. Storytelling

We offer a brand identity that embodies your values in harmony with the aesthetic context. Precise vocabulary and selected images support the understanding of complex concepts, thus creating an immersive and engaging user experience. We work to harmonize visual and narrative elements so that every point of contact with the brand is an invitation to enter a rich and cohesive world. The goal is to build a brand presence that goes beyond the surface.

04. Movie

We create a brand book and a video based on a brand pyramid. These guideline tools will support you in any new development or communication program, ensuring consistency and visual harmony across all your actions. It outlines the key elements of your brand identity, such as color palette, typography, patterns, and graphic elements, allowing for a deeper immersion into your world and facilitating an intuitive understanding of what makes your brand unique and memorable.

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