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“Positive Singularity”

This is our motto.
It defines the products we aim to create with you and it embodies our way to support you.

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Design Consulting

Supporting your ambition

We offer you our 20 years of experience in the largest international design studios. Our design consulting agency is dedicated to transforming your ideas into concrete and impactful projects.
We assist your teams in structuring, clarifying, and strengthening your strategy in a competitive context that requires sustainable innovation and desirability.

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Design support

Strengthening your teams by sharing our expertise in creative processes, design strategy, and material design is at the core of our mission. We bring a fresh perspective and some specific skills to enhance and invigorate your innovation process. A tailored task force to fuel your innovation.

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« Innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage a company can have »


- David Friedberg -

At the heart of our approach, L'Agence Pigment offers its Design Consulting service, aimed at strategically developing products and creating innovations with your teams.

Our strong expertise in CMF design, our network, and our in-depth market knowledge enable us to provide a 360° strategic vision, essential for manufacturers, startups, and suppliers.

Our holistic approach integrates the user experience (UX) at the core of each project. We believe that the success of a product or service lies in its ability to deliver an exceptional experience.

Our work steps

01. Audit

The audit is a crucial step in our Design Consulting process. We conduct a thorough analysis of your company, meticulously examining all aspects of your current strategy and brand identity.

This in-depth analysis allows us to identify key areas where your company can grow and differentiate itself. We assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to develop an action plan that aligns your design goals with your global business objectives.

02. Design collection

It is a crucial step where we showcase your technical innovations to appeal to your customers, whether they are B2B or B2C. Our approach focuses on highlighting the uniqueness of your products by aligning design, functionality, and market strategy.

By collaborating with us for the creation of your collection, you benefit from expertise that combines creativity, business strategy, and a deep understanding of the market, ensuring the success and impact of your innovations.

03. Support

Our support service is a central pillar of our Design Consulting offering. We are committed to overseeing the development of innovative solutions, guiding your teams at every stage to make them more proficient and effective. Our goal is to transform ideas into tangible achievements, ensuring a smooth transition from design to implementation.

We actively engage in the development process, providing ongoing support and practical advice.

04. Design Thinking

Our approach is designed to be a powerful catalyst for creativity and innovation within your company. We organize workshops and design awareness sessions aimed at opening new perspectives and encouraging a user-centered approach in the development of products and services.

We assist your teams in understanding the importance of design not only as an aesthetic function but also as a strategic tool to solve complex problems and create value.

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